Whoever said that we are better working independently is slightly misguided. I have been interested in spirituality all my life and an acknowledged psychic for almost 30 years. . .

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Ancient Wisdoms

By Gayle Redfern

Gayle Redfern's interest in spirituality has been life-long. This led to her degrees in psychology and holistic health. As a psychic, lecturer, motivational speaker and author of three books, Inner Bridges, Ayurveda Demystystified and Within & Beyond, she introduces us to the value of ancient knowledge as a means of bringing peace and harmony into our lives. Many cultures learned these values millennia ago. Today, she shares the significance of applying ancient beliefs and laws to modern society. When individuals apply our ancient's beliefs to daily living, they bring their body, mind and spirit into balance. Each individual balance then transfers over to the entire community. As she continually explores various societies, she sees how some cultures achieve this communal harmony while other groups lose the peace. Through her fourth book, she reacquaints us with the world's ancient teachings.

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